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Deploy the security solution to meet your needs!

Can you afford to leave your business open to thief, abuse or unauthorised access?

Our wide range of equipment and highly experienced engineers can give you the CCTV solution that your business deserves!

The Wisynergy CCTV offering includes

Multi-site centralised cloud management to prevent NVR corruption

Up to unlimited cloud archiving


Full functionality with minimal bandwidth requirements

Retrieve footage in seconds using AI smart video streamline technology

Integration with door access control

Centralised management

Automated alerts to keep you and your assets secure

Live footage link sharing 

Wisynergy can design, implement and maintain your CCTV Solution today!

Wisyerngy CCTV Design

Design and Consultation

Our design team provides you with a wide range of services that enables us to offer the ultimate CCTV packages


Common design aspects

Network security

(we prevent unwanted access and hacking)

Hardware and software integration

(we make the network smarter)

Multi-site design and management

(we integrate at scale)

Project Delivery

Our highly experienced project management team will work ensure customer needs are exceeded. 

Our common CCTV projects​


Hospitality venues

Residential and commercial MDU buildings

Public area deployments and integration with emergency services

Retail venues

Wisyerngy Project Delivery
Wisyerngy Support and Maintenance Agreements

Our support and maintenance agreements

Our work does not stop after we have delivered your project. We continue to work alongside our clients through our range of technical support services.

Key services from our support agreements

Planned and preventative maintenance

24/7 Remote support

SLA targeted on site support

Reporting and trend analytics


Dedicated support email and phone contact

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