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Smart Tech

Make your network work for you!


Why have just a network when your network can save you time and expense!


Our smart tech offering ranges from simple door entry, air quality monitoring or energy consumption, all the way through to a fully-integrated, autonomous, intelligent management solution.


We work with you to identify how we can build you a smarter, more intelligent network!

wisyenrgy Digital Electricity

Digital Electricity


Supply Power anywhere

Power and Data through the same cable

Up to 2Kw at 2Km

Power any AC/DC requirements

Touch safe mechanisms

Up to 20x cost-effective and energy-efficient

CCTV Integrations

Door entry access through CCTV facial recognition, no lost cards to be concerned about


Unauthorised entry alerting through from your CCTV camera, providing security teams with live security alerts


Air quality monitoring combined with CCTV footage


Motion detection integration to ensure you capture every movement


CCTV analytics to make your network smarter

Wisyerngy CCTV Intergrations
Wisynergy smart analytics

Smart Analytics

Smoke and vaping sensors to enforce a cleaner environment


Noise alerting systems for sensitive areas


Temperature sensors to monitor key areas and integrate with heating systems


Intelligent lighting solutions to become more energy efficient and a greener business

Time limited smart access control by simply sending an access code to someones phone

Footfall analytics, ideal for pedestrian flow analytics

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